Heart of Gratitude

What is the Heart of Gratitude?

For us it is a symbol that represents having a Heart full of Gratitude. If we all held Gratitude in our hearts wouldn’t our planet be a better place? The Inner Light House LLC is a business dedicated to doing our part to help bring about health, happiness and finding that Inner Light which brings a Heart full of Gratitude to people. Through our years of experience and our own personal growth we strive to help you find tips, ideas and information that may help you find your path to a happier, healthier you. There is so much information out in our world it is hard to know what to believe and where to start looking. Research is slanted depending on who is paying for the research and who benefits!

So how did we pick our information? By doing our own research over the years, knowing people who have tried various ways of doing things, and our own personal experiences. We have gone with what works/worked for us, what got positive results over time, and what makes sense to us. We encourage you to do what makes sense to you using all the information you have. We are not doctors – we are not prescribing or diagnosing – what you do with the information is made with your free will. We are just sharing information and wish for everyone to be the best they can be.

Let your Inner Light shine!